About me

I’m Instructor Lead at RED Academy where I help students become UX and UI designers through active learning.

I was Design Lead at EasyPeasy where I helped parents spend fun and educational time with their 2-5 year old to prepare them for school and beyond.

I’m part of Improvable where I entertain audiences through improvised comedy and storytelling. I like being in other people’s shoes and enjoying failure to create something great. 

I’m happy when what I make is accessible, memorable and meaningful.

My illustrations, data visualisations, brand identities, UX/UI wireframes and prototypes facilitate human-centred design approach in workshops, hackathons, lean and agile projects.

I’m one of the Creative Mornings organisers and I attend many design, startups and network events in London. 


Lovely people I worked with flatter me by saying…

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...added a dimension to a project that will elevate any piece of work to another level.
— Craig Brown, Director @ Legal&General
...extremely effective at identifying the constraints of a project, what needs to be done, and turning them into a strength.
— Digby Killick, Consultant @ Fluxx
…extremely impressed with his curiosity, empathy and collaborative ‘design thinking’ approach...
— Tim Moore, General Manager @ EasyPeasy
…without all of Stefano’s input (during and after the course) I would not be where I am in the industry today
— Will Duncan, Student @ RED Academy
...His inquisitive mind is a huge strength and it allows others to think outside the box…
— Stephanie Coleman, Community Manager @ EasyPeasy
....He can always be counted on to produce something incredible.
— Ariel Lerner, Innovation Consultant @ Fluxx

I embrace and promote the Designer’s Code of Ethics by Mike Monteiro

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  1. A designer is first and foremost a human being.

  2. A designer is responsible for the work they put into the world.

  3. A designer values impact over form.

  4. A designer owes the people who hire them not just their labor, but their counsel.

  5. A designer welcomes criticism.

  6. A designer strives to know their audience.

  7. A designer does not believe in edge cases.

  8. A designer is part of a professional community.

  9. A designer welcomes a diverse and competitive field.

  10. A designer takes time for self-reflection.