Designer at Fluxx


Fluxx is a product and service design agency that helps big organisations innovate and transform, by adopting a human-centred approach and lean methodology.

During my years at Fluxx, I had the opportunity to work with small and big clients from the public sector, healthcare, and finance. I collaborated with journalists, bankers, engineers, publishers, data analysts, project managers, product owners and many others. From facilitating workshops and hackathons to supporting long-term digital transformation programs.

Project selection:

respafit first iteration screens

Helping teenagers with cystic fibrosis live the life they want

TickerFit is a project by Innerstrength Health – a start-up helping those with serious medical issues stay fit and healthy. They wanted to secure NHS fundings to help teenagers with cystic fibrosis.

During the first phase of the project, we interviewed teenagers and their support network (e.g. parents, dieticians, physiotherapists, nurses). We understood what brings too many hospital admissions and not allow teenagers to live the life they want to live.

The insights gathered led to the first iteration of an app that helps teenagers self-manage their condition, while giving parents and doctors an overview of how they are doing. The evidence gathered convinced investors to provide funding worth over €500k.

process: empathise, define, ideation, storytelling
department for transport personas

understanding how the DEPARTMENT FOR TRANSPORT use and manage data

The Department for Transport needed help to understand how their staff find, use and drive value from transport data to unlock the potential of data held by the department.

Working closely with the Digital and Open Data team, we were brought in to manage and conduct all of the research in addition to showcasing new ways of working. We conducted qualitative research interviewing over 50 people across the DfT and synthesised with personas and user journeys.

The project itself was extremely well received, but has also helped to break down cultural barriers to collaboration and has inspired other teams to conduct more open and engaging research.

process: empathise, define,
final presentation at the end of the workshop

facilitating NATIONAL GRID employees to validate a minimum viable product in 48 hours

Electricity and gas transmission network willing to gather and share useful information that could help balance the supply and demand of energy in the grid.

The event started with one of the many 'Rapid start' events at Fluxx. A two-day workshop where we facilitate teams from different departments, from ideation to the design of a minimum viable product.

Within 2 days we designed and tested a business proposition, a new branded product.

The team presented learning and results to the executive members of National Grid. Their idea was promoted to a whole development of the product, which will make faster, easier and less risky to develop for the grid.

process: ideation, define, prototype, test, storytelling
lloyds user personas and design principles

Changing ways of working at Lloyds banking group

Lloyds commercial bank wanted to create a vision of the future customer experience.

During the first part of the project, I designed animated user journeys that supported the Fluxx team in the storytelling of the future customer experience.

After the vision, the Lloyds Lab started – a multidisciplinary team of 60 with the vision of improving the Digital Onboarding. During the 9 months of Agile project, we helped to shift the Lloyds culture towards a user-centred and lean mentality with visual and digital assets that brought the users at the centred of their decision making process.

process: vision, empathise, define, ideate, implement

In-House work

By being the only in-house designer, I also took care of the agency's brand identity.
I designed the Fluxx website, data visualisations and brand identities for projects and promotional events.

I also help organised and facilitated workshops on Sketching and Human Centred Design for the team and external audiences.