How might we create experiences that help people take better actions for their life and the world?


At the moment, in my life 


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How I encourage empathy, excite the imagination, and enable change



Often, I’m not enough.

But I believe that anyone in a business can create, learn, and grow, together. That's why through mentoring and workshops facilitation, I inspire people to empathise with users, generate ideas, and adopt a lean approach.



I want to do a lot.

But knowledge and long-term vision help me prioritise what to learn, create and measure. I do that by keeping a big picture of the entire brand experience and understanding future technology opportunities, customer needs, and business goals.



I know that I don’t know.

Starting with user needs and data limit the risks of making (too many) assumptions. That's why I talk to users, analyse data and make insights easy to advocate through the power of visual storytelling.



I learn from trying.

An iterative approach is critical to resolve doubts and discover unknowns. That's why I reduce business risk by understanding what works and what doesn't, thought idea validation, prototypes, and lean experiments.



I feel responsible for the work they put into the world.

I do my best to create and inspire inclusive, sustainable and ethical design.
Following the Designer’s Code of Ethics by Mike Monteiro, I don’t believe in edge cases and I feel responsible for the work I put into the world.


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What I’ve been doing so far…

family playing

Helping parents to create fun and educational family time

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user personas

Bringing big organisations to innovate and connect with their customers

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